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YouTube is the one of the most popular video song website , we all used it daily for listening numbers of songs daily. YouTube is largest world of videos . anyone can create is channel in it and earn money as well but now comes to topic number of peoples are suffering from the YouTube Black Screen Error. This error is come not in particular country or region people are suffering it from all over the world. This error is comes on all the browser like google chrome  , Mozilla Firefox etc. People sometimes think this video contain error  and try to play another video but this error is on all the videos . It is one of the largest bug of the YouTube and YouTube try to solve it ,  here we show how it looks like :-

YouTube Black Screen Error
YouTube Black Screen Error

This error is so irritating for all of us and not be solve easily many people try to solve it by using some of these ways but they are not working :-

  1. Close there browser and open it again .
  2. Restart there pc’s and laptops .
  3. Try to open that video in incognito window.

but this error is not solve like this , we tell you the right way to solve the YouTube Black Screen Error. 

How To Solve the YouTube Black Screen Error?

  step 1. Open you web browser , like i am using google chrome .

YouTube Black Screen Error
YouTube Black Error-techcooper

   step 2. Type chrome://flags/ in address bar.

    3. Now all the flags of google chrome are open , Here search for flag name hardware-accelerated by using ctrl+f .

YouTube Black Screen Error

  step 4. Enable the flag and press click on Relaunch now.

YouTube Black Screen Error
enable flags-techcooper

just follow all these steps and you can definitely get rid off from the YouTube Black Screen Error . Now you see and enjoy number of videos from the YouTube . I think that this information is sufficient to solve that error.

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