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Facebook is the one of the most popular used social media website . Today every one is on Facebook and share there photos , feelings , status and many more activities .Many people want to make more and more friends on Facebook for many purposes like they became popular , they can get more likes and comments on there phptos etc. So they send the friend requests to many person. but Everything has a certain limit. If we cross limit we have to pay for it. so that’s why our friend request will be blocked for 30 or 15 or 7 days or many more. So Today we are sharing the trick How To Unblock Blocked Facebook Friend Requests . This trick is very easy and it must be very helpful for you , just follow few easy steps and then enjoy the trick.

Unblock Blocked Facebook Friend Requests
Unblock Blocked Facebook Friend Requests

Steps For Unblock Blocked Facebook Friend Requests:-

  1. Open the Facebook .

2. Enter your email id/username and then click on forgot password.

Note:- For using this trick You need to reset your password so try to pretend that you forget your password.

3. Enter your email id to reset password .

4. Then just go to your email and verify that you are changing the password.

5. Now Enter the new password for Facebook.

6. After that login to your Facebook account with the new password.

Now you can easily send Facebook friend request to any person your friend request is unblocked whenever you want. Enjoy the trick.

So that’s how you Unblock Blocked Facebook Friend Requests.I hope this information is sufficient . In case of any problem/query you can comment or contact us. We will Definitely help you as soon as possible.

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