Top 5 Music Player Apps in Android Phones in 2017


Modern era is of  Listening to music,Playing games. These trend has increased from past 10 years due to increase of technology. So, for listening music in mobile phones you  should have right player  to enjoy the music. You can also customize the song by using the right music players. Many players have the option of Equalizer. There are different themes to give the new look to your player. So for Enjoying your selection of music player should be right one. In this Post we are going to discuss top music player apps in android 2017.

music player apps
music player apps

Music gives us relaxation to the human body number of people never make there day complete without listing the music . They listen song before they are going to bed . Many people listen during free time period . Every one use it for different different purpose. But for listening music we always need a music player without having the music player we are not able top listen the music so that’s why every phone contain music player . But they do not provide so much functionality so that’s why people also referred another music players application that provide more functionality then built in music player.

Music Player Apps:-

 1).VLC for Android:-

It is one of the oldest and effitively working music player . It is free and open source and it is able to play different mjusic files. This is basically a port of VLC Media player. It is fully add free and you can able to play any type of file formats. It has the facility of equalizers and filters that is so benifical for their user. You can download it from download here

music player apps
vlc player

2).Media Monkey:-

By using Media Monkey player you would be able to Manage a Large Collections and you can navigate through them easily.It has Sleep Timer Facility. Moreover you can navigate by folder. You can sync the music from your device to  a windows. You can download it from

music player apps
media monkey-techcooper

3).Black Player Music Player:-

It can support different file formats like:-MP3,WAV,OGG. You can edit the embedded lyrics. It has three widgets and highly customizable and has bulit in bass adjuster,bass boost and 3D surround Facility. It is very easy to use and highly  customizable. You can download it from

music player apps
black player

4)Audio Beats:-

Major Feature of Audio Beats is this that you can have the equilizer option. It is very stylish Player and  higly light weight. It has powerful search facilty and you can search on the basis of Track,Artists,Albumb and can navigate on the basis of Folder. This feature is provide by only some of the music players . You all can see the layout of this player is so attractive . You can download it from


music player apps
audio beats



5).Poweramp Music player:-

poweramp music payer has separate BASS and TREBLE adjuster so thats means we can change that as our reqirements. Duration of time between songs is gapless.It has Lock screen mode also. Moreover in this player you would be able to play different file formats acoording to me it support all kind of file format like :- MP3,MP4/MPa,OGG ,WMA,WAV. You can download it from


music player apps

I hope in this post you came to know about the Top Music Player in Android 2017.By using this information you would be able to select a right player from thousands of player available on play store.

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