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Modern Technology enables us to interact with each other by video calling feature.In Previous decades,it is not possible to interact by video calls.But now we are lucky that we can see each other virtually by using different video calling apps .As a result, The major benefits of video calling are:-Face to face interaction,Better understanding of the conversation.There are thousands of video calling apps available online on google play store and App store but here We are going to discuss  some top rated  video calling apps of 2017.

Video Calling Apps :-

1).Tango :-

This is free app available on the store. It basically works on smartphones and Tablets.

However Major Features are discussed below:-

  • You can send audio,video and stickers for better conversation.
  • You can make Groups and can perform Group chats
  • It also helps in improving your social life by  interacting with people around you.

Download:-download here.

Video Calling


It is also a free messenger  with video calling available on google playstore.

However Features are discussed below:-

  • You can perform Group chat up to 200 people.
  • You can perform long Distance calls.
  • Hidden chat feature is also available in this messenger.


Video Calling


Skype helps the world to be in Conversation Position.It also involves a video calling feature with great freshness.

However Features are:-

  • Skype to skype calls are free.
  • You can use it for mobile and landline calls.
  • You can add upto 300 people on a group chat.


video Calling

4).Facebook Messenger:-

We know Facebook  covers the major part of the internet.Subsequently,Facebook has the messenger for performing chats.Moreover Facebook which is one of the  Popular social networking  sites also gives us the facility Video Conversation.

However Features are:-

  • You can keep the conversation running using other apps with the help of Chat heads.
  • You can send your photos,videos,stickers for better conversation.
  • Send  a map of any location.

Download:-download here

Video Calling

5).Whatsapp Messenger:-

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger in the world.Eventually, Everyone is in the habit of using whatsapp .So Now Whatsapp has launched its major Feature of video calling which is always the necessity of most of the people.

However  Features are:-

  • Totally Free
  • Furthermore Very nice video quality even long Distant Areas.
  • Could be operated on Android,Iphones,and even on PC.


Video Calling
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Consequently,I hope in this post you came to know about the Top Video Calling Apps  in iOS and Android phones .By using this information you would be able to select a right App from thousands of other apps available on the store.

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