Top 5 Technical Jobs that are in demand in 2017 – in India


As Science is increasing its Effect in each and every Prospect are also increasing day by day . That days are not so far when Your Medical Operations would be done by Robots . Delivery of Pizza will be done by Drones. Rise of nanotechnology in medicines ,virtual Reality devices will also give their best. It is obvious that if a machines Replaces a human beings then 4-5 million People will lost their jobs. But the good part is that new advancement also creates a many technical jobs. But  for that jobs, You should have two basic skills:-Social Skills,Maths Skills.

Technical Jobs in 2017 are:-

1).Drone Programmers:-

Obviously as per Census,Drones would do the service of deliverable and for that there is lot of requirement of Drone Programmers And Their needs a expert who would build them and repair them, so this is the one of the large demanding technical job in future.

technical jobs
technical jobs-techcooper

2).Nano-Technology in medicine:-

For a Medical Carrier Nano technology  would give its presence and would do many great things which is not possible by any other Technology.There could be Treatment of deadly diseases like Cancer etc With the help of a  Nano -Technology.You have also heard about  nano robots who basically cures the disease.So , Obviously there would be a programming part  in Nano robots and there would be a combination of  Medical applications and programming so there would be a huge requirement of tech experts in this technology as this Technology would come in to existence in near future.

technical jobs
Nano Technology

3).Virtual Reality  Programmers and Designers:-

This Technology Basically uses a software to generate realistic images, videos and sounds and basically user thinks that he is actually present in that environment.It is in Three dimension.One who is wearing a virtual reality device would able to interact with items or features that are present inside a device.It is also used in games which makes a person he/she has entered in gaming world and is actually performing the task by its actual physical movements  of the body.So this technology encapsulates many applications within itself so this technology is exponentially increasing now a days and would be in boom in the near future.So obviously there would be a huge requirement of experts, Programmers and designers related to this technology.So this technology would also create countless technical jobs in the industry.

technical jobs
Virtual reality-techcooper

4).Artificial Intelligence:-

This is the intelligence basically used by machines to do work on their own  and coding is done in such a way that ions-machine can make decisions according to situation.Like Understanding of the human speech is also one of the application of Artificial Intelligence.Self Driving Cars is also one of the Application of AI.We are all very much familiar with the movie i.e.Iron Man.Basically the suite of iron man in the  work with Artificial Intelligence and name to given to it is Jarvis.Although it was just the Perception  but that days are not too far when this can become a reality.So if you want a cool job in future ,you can get in the field of Artificial Intelligence because  it would require a Large no.of coders and Designers of Artificial Intelligence.

technical jobs
Artifical intelligence

5.Cyber Safety:-

Modern era is of computers,mobiles,Tablets etc and every device has the option of accessing  the internet.So TRAFFIC over internet  is drastically  increasing and We know coin has two sides so bad part is hackers are also  getting increasing now a days and in coming future the no. of them would be quite large.So there will be a large requirement  of White hat hackers that can have curb upon the black hat hackers.In near Future there would be a countless jobs of cyber security experts and you can have bright future in this Field also.

technical jobs
cyber security

I Hope after reading this post you would be able to know about  future technical Jobs for different technology and you can start achieving skills needed for them so that you can have a good earning job Tomorrow.

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