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We all know many times we got our document password protected and it is very nice from security point of view like bank sends multiple documents or statements in form of PDF and all these are password protected it is impossible to remember multiple passwords for multiple file. So here we are going to discuss how to remove pdf password by using Google chrome and afterwards  we will discuss some software which could do this part.

remove pdf password
remove pdf password

Think whether any software remove password from PDF and works on both MAC and windows. Well Guys its called—GOOGLE CHROME .

Google chrome has two inbuilt feature to read or write PDF and we use this strategy to remove password from PDF.

Now its time to discuss the steps for remove pdf password:-

1). Take any password protected file or drag into google chrome.

2). Google chrome will ask you to enter the password of the file.

3). Now go to file menu and choose print option and select the printer “Save as PDF” and click on save button.

your job is done and you would get your saved file from desktop and open the file in google chrome and get your file without Password.

Now I am going to give you some software`s name which could remove Password from PDF file:

A).GuaPDF Demo:- It is a top rated software for PDF password remover.

It can work on 32 bit and 64 bit windows.

remove pdf password

B) It is a online application thats why it run on any operating system. Limitation is that PDF size should be less than 250 MB.

remove pdf password


C).PDF Password remover:- It has very simple interface and it is very easy to use . The major limitation is that it can remove password of PDF with version up to 1.7

remove pdf password
PDF Password Remover

D).PDF Unlocker:- It can run on windows only in reality pdf password recovery program but it sounds like password remover.

remove pdf password
PDF unlocker

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