How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages|Pictures|Videos-2017 Techcooper


Hello Guys,Today we are going to share a common problem (Recover Deleted Facebook Message) which are facing by many of the facebook users.Many a times We Delete Messages,Photos,videos,etc from our profile which is not intentional.But Every Problem has a solution and it is a good  to learn new things.So Today we are going to share with you that How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages,Pictures,Videos in Facebook Account and we will provide very easy steps for you to follow.Basically it is a facebook feature but many of us don`t know about it.SO Today I am going to give you a tutorial on it.Follow Steps Below:-

Recover Deleted Facebook Message-Techcooper
Recover Deleted Facebook Message-Techcooper

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages,Pictures,Videos:-

1:Log into Facebook Account.

 2:Now Open  General Account Settings.

 3:You will see Download  a copy of your Facebook Data as marked below in the picture.

Download a copy of your Facebook data-Techcooper
Download a copy of your Facebook data-Techcooper

 4:However,Click it and you will need to give your Password and Security question.

 5:Moreover,After entering above things,You click on submit  button and on next screen you would be shown that your content is sent to your email.

 6:Wait for a minute and after that check your e-mail.In e-mail you would get a Facebook message and in that you would get a Zip File.

Recover Deleted Facebook Message-Techcooper
Download Link

 7:After Downloading Zip you would get your  Facebook Messages,Pictures,Videos.

 8:The File you got is in HTML extension.So open it by Double clicking and choose your browser and see the Data.

So, This was all about How To Recover Deleted Facebook Message,Pictures and videos.

Consequently,I Hope This post help you to solve your problem that how to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures And Videos. We had also written many more articles on facebook which would be helpful for all Facebook users.

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