How to Recover Deleted Messages|photos|videos on Whatsapp?


Hello Guys,Today we are going to share a common problem (Recover Deleted Messages) which are facing by many of the Whatsapp  users.Many a times We Delete Messages,Photos,videos,etc which is not intentional.But Every Problem has a solution and it is a good  to learn new things.So Today we are going to share with you that How To Recover Deleted Messages,Pictures,Videos in Whatsapp Account and we will provide very easy steps for you to follow.

Recover Deleted Messages-Techcooper
Recover Deleted Messages-Techcooper

Method 1:-

This is a simple straightforward way to restore deleted WhatsApp stuff. All you need to do is uninstall the app and install it again. This would actually use all the backup files, and restore whatever it can.This can recover a conversations which are done few days back but not the too much old conversations. 

Method 2:-

You can also easily recover old conversations by following method:-

1) Download and install a file manager from Google play.

2) Uninstall Whatsapp messenger.

 3) Now using that file manager Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder.

4) You will find some files in that folder.

5) Select any particular date file which you want to restore and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt
6) Install Whatsapp messenger again. The backup file msgstore.db.crypt is restored and your deleted Whatsapp conversations is restored again.

In case You are in hurry and want to use a software:-

For Android:-Android Data Recovery  can easily recover deleted or lost WhatsApp messages and even WhatsApp attachment sent during chats. You can also recover other items such as photo, contacts, videos and documents.

For iOS:-You can Recover by using iCloudiTunes.

Consequently,I Hope This post help you to solve your problem that how to Recover Deleted  Messages, Pictures And Videos of Whatsapp. We had also written many more articles on Whatsapp which would be helpful for all Facebook users.

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