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Today we are came again with the new trick how to Create Bootable Pendrive very easily. The benefit of making bootable pendrive is we can carry it anywhere instead of caring DVD/CD . DVD/CD are break and crash or it is very hard to always keep it safe place . we can windows 10 ,8 ,7  and many more bootable pendrive very easily . So Now its time to do it lets go and learn it How to Make Bootable Pendrive  just follow the few easy steps.

Bootable Pendrive
Bootable Pendrive

Steps for How To Make Bootable Pendrive

  1. you need one pendrive make sure it is empty .
  2. Insert the pendrive in USB Port. if you contain USB 3.0 port insert it with this port.
  3. Format the pendrive , scan it and make sure it do no contain any virus.
  4. Open the Run by press [Ctrl+R].
  5. Type ” cmd ” in the Run and press Enter .
  6. Type DISKPART in the command prompt.
  7.  It will ask you for Install the new program . click on yes.
  8. Then type LIST DISK and press Enter .
  9. Select your USB Device number, In my case Disk 1 is my USB pen drive.Please note that Disk 1 may not pen drive in your case,for ex :- i assuming my USB Device number as 1 , you have to select your own.
  10.  Then type SELECT Disk 1 and press Enter.
  11.  Then type Create Partition Primary and press Enter.
  12.  Type Select Partition 1 and press Enter.
  13.  After That Your last step is type Active and press Enter.
  14.  Now copy the windows files to your pendrive. this time it is not only pendrive it is bootable pendrive. 

By following all these steps you can easily create bootable usb pendrive .
I hope this information is sufficient . In case of any problem/query you can comment or contact us. We will Definitely help you as soon as possible.

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