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jail Break :- Jail break is the process that is kind of hacking or unlocking the iPhone and its functionality. These day iPhone user are increasing day by day . But all we also aware in iPhone we are also not able to use the proper functions because of its security purpose. so to increase the functionality of the iPhone we need to jail Break our iPhone. It is very easy if we know how to do it, so today we tells you how to Hack/Unlock iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 plus , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6 plus , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5s.

Jail break
Jail break

How to Jail Break iPhone 7 And iPhone 6

Step 1 :-Take the Backup Your iPhone in your computer.

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Step 2:- Turn Off Your iPhone Password.

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Step 3:- Put your iPhone on Airplane Mode.

Step 4:-  Download Pangu software On your computer. You can download it from here.

    Pangu:- Pangu is the one of the most popular software that is used to jail break or unlock the iPhone.

Step 5:-  Open the Pangu, open it in run as administrator mode.

Step 6:- Now connect your iPhone You will see the “Jailbreak”  option , click it .

Step 7:- After this,click “Already Did” to begin the jailbreak process.

Step 8:- Now Your iPhone will reboot , it may be reboot several times.

Step 9:- It will say ‘Restore in Progress’ and “restore” your device.

Step 10:- Now your iOS 10.1 , 10.2  is jail break.

So by follow all these steps you can easily hack/jail Break your iPhone easily. we think this information is sufficient to Jail Break the iPhone