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Today we come again with the new iPhone trick, in these days number of people are suffering from problem that how to take backup of your iPhone in your computer . The reason behind this is the iCloud provide only 5 GB storage online free and if we want some extra space we have to purchase it and another major problem is uploading the data online require high speed internet . so instead of all that stuff people prefer to take the backup in there pc’s . So today we tell you how to take the iPhone backup into the computer .

iPhone backup
iPhone backup-Techcooper

Steps to take iPhone Backup in your Computer

Step 1:- Download the iTunes in your computer . you can download here latest version of the iTunes.

Step 2:- Attach your iPhone with your computer.

Note :- without having iTunes you are not able to take the backup of your iPhone . It is software made by Apple.

Step 3:- Now wait it takes few second to connect with iTunes , after that it start automatically start sync with your pc.

Step 4:- After connecting you can see the option of taking backup

  1. iCloud 
  2. This computer

Step 5:- Select the option This computer and click on button Back up now .

Note :- It takes some time depend upon your phone space that you used. so you have to take some patents

Where the iPhone Backup is Located in your Computer

It is very difficult to find the backup of the iPhone in computer , number of people are fails to find out the exact location of the backup in computer so we tell you how to find it. just copy the text and paste it but remember change the username.

“”  \Users\(your pc user name)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\  “”

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