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iOS 10 :- iOS 10 is the latest OS that is launch by apple few days before launching iphone7 .  it is is new generation most intelligent OS . iOS 10 contain many cool feature but some people are unaware from it. So today we come and discuss the iOS 10 with its features.


iOS 10 update took some time to update because of its size . but after it install once then it contain so many new features that we are going to discuss now.

iOS 10 features :-

  1. Better layout and well organized home page

iOS 10 firstly provides the better layout the every thing is well organised the new music section in the home page .

  1. Intellingent keybord

the one of the cool feature of iOS 10 is its intelligent keybord , that is it exprees our words with the help of emo’s . it is only availbale in iOS 10 no other operating system contain that feature.

  1. Siri

iOS 10 provide personal assistant to every apple user that is siri, it is veery usefull for every one , we can tell siri to do number of thing by detecting our voice it perform the various tasks

  1. Clear all notification in just once click

now we can clear all the notification in just one click , in previous iOS 9 opertin system we have to clear notification one by one or we can remove it by days .

but now we can remove all our notification just once.

  1. Better 3d touch

iOS 10 now provide better 3d touch experience like phone 6s which contain 3d touch . now every application is accessible by 3d touch

  1. Message became more attractive

In iOS 10 text message and iMessage became more attractive , we can send written note in our handwriting , emotions send videos and latest update is digital touch by which u can send many things simply by touching and pressing screen

  1. Music player

The biggest change is in the iOS 10 is its music player the whole layout of camera is change , look is differ , music player layout is different and more effective.

  1. Photos

The best feature in iOS 10 is photos section , now photos automatically recognize our face and detect it and made the differ section or count of each person,

  1. Add many widgets to home screen

The widgets are always helpful for us that we all know, we can add number of widgets at our home screen page

  1. Flash light mode setting

Now we can set our flash light brightness , there are three types of mode are provide by the iOS 10 , this feature is first time provided in apple devices.

  1. Easy to connect another apple devices

Now it is very easy to connect our mobile with another apple device like apple tv. The feature name is AirPlay Mirroring it is present on our home screen , we can easily access it or attach with another apple devices,

  1. Set priority to while downloading apps

In iOS 10 we can set the priority while downloading the application through app store. We can pause , stop , set priority when we are downloading number of application at single time. This feature is so beneficial when we need to download some small size application but the another large size application is downloading

  1. Contacts

This update totally change is contacts view , the contacts became mire attractive , now we can easily share our locations to our contacts .

we can also search our contacts from the home page search menu , no need to open the contacts and then search then , this feature is not present in iOS 9.

  1. Unlimited safari tabs

In the iOS latest operating system , it provides unlimted safari tabs . the previos limit was 36 tabs . now it is increase by unlimited. Now we can acess number of tabs and fell the better browsing experience

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