what is Google Home , its features and How to use it?


Google home is a device  developed by “Made by Google ” and it is a voice activated speaker.I was released on 4 November 2016, Developed and Manufactured both by GOOGLE.The input of device is only through Voice commands and output you would get Through Speakers and Connectivity  is through Wi-fi.It is basically a SMART SPEAKER  which gives any information based on Google through speakers.More Attributes of Google Home are discussed below.

Google Home
Google Home

How to use Google Home?


Google Home
Google Home-techcooper

Decides When Google Home is listening to you:-

 a).Listening to you voice.                                                                             b).Voice Control Deactivated.

The whole description of google home was given above at last it is such a lovely device for your sweet home. I hope you all get overall view of Google Home its features , benefits and how to use goggle home . I hope you get a productive information about this device for more you can visit madeby.google.com/home

Features of Google home

Command Your audio:-

You can give command to Google home to PLAY MUSIC,increase volume ,Mute,YouTube MUSIC,Pandora and Tune in.You can say the name of the track and it would get automatically Played.There is facility of Multi room audio which enables us to install multiple speakers and which would be synchronous with each other for getting music throughout the home.You can get the latest news.You can stream audio from your phone and you can have your favorite Podcasts.Radio stations could also be included in favorites.

Getting Answers from Google:-

we know Google is loaded with Information and you can get information from them and you can also get real time Information like Weather ,Time,etc.

  • Calculator:-You can perform a complicated Calculation by just speaking to a speaker.
  • Dictionary:-You can ask a device to give the meaning of any word.
  • Information or knowledge:-You can get the information on any subject and get the facts of anything present in the universe.
  • Finance:-You can ask about the stock prices and device would respond to it through the vast knowledge of GOOGLE.
  • Sports:-You can ask about any sport like “who won the FIFA in 2014?’
  • Translation:-You can get translation of any word or phrase.

Learn About your Personality:-

Google Home will learn about you and gives many Basic alerts according to that

  • Alarms:-“WAKE ME UP AT 6 A.M”
  • Calendar:-you can get schedule your event on a google calendar and device would give alert for that.
  • Car service and Flight Information cloud also be given and you would get an alert according to that.
  • You can ask for a traffic on a particular road for driving,walking and biking.

Smart devices controlled by your voice:-

we can control online services and  other third party devices.

  • by using this device we can turn down your smart Tube-lights,Bulbs,LED,etc.But the condition is that the smart devices should be supported with your Google home.
  • we can Control the temperature of your room but your smart thermostat should be connected and supported by Google home.


Google home can listen to your voice from far away and can understand your pronunciation very easily.

  • The output of the speaker is very much  high quality with high bass.
  • It can be synchronized with other devices to  enjoy the same music in different rooms.
  • It is basically a Touch Control Device.

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