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first of all many a times it may happen that some sites are unable to open or website blocked problem. Usually our ISP`s also block some sites in our region, state or country. Most of all guys we feel problem in colleges,schools,Offices and institution etc while accessing internet. Obviously this is for security reasons but what about if we want some urgent work in any case. So What to do? As a result The only thing is that we could use free proxy sites.

Seems like Proxy Server create a new IP and hides a existing I.P and provides a full access to a sites which are unable to open in our region,state or country. Most of all Proxy sites are very easy to use. Almost they redirect to that severs from whom those sites are not blocked.But we have to use it only for ethical purposes. Well guys,we are sharing some proxy sites so that you should have safe and fast browsing.

Free Proxy Sites
Free Proxy Sites

Best Proxy sites List:-

Proxify:-This is one of the popular proxy site because it helps encrypt data b/w you and proxy server by hiding I.P.It is probably the best in industry.

Free Proxy Sites


Proxy Unblocker:-It is a free and open to all.You can visit the blocked sites within few clicks.Also one of the best.

Free Proxy Sites
Proxy Unblocker


Other 38 Top Free Proxy sites:-

  1. New IP now:-
  2. Fast USA proxy:-
  3. DONT Filter:-
  4. Hidester:-
  5. KProxy:-
  6. VTunnel:-
  7. NinjaClock:-
  8. VPNBrowse:-
  9. Extreme Proxy:-
  10. Monster Proxy:-
  11. Hide Me Ass:-
  12. The Best Proxy:-
  13. Just Proxy:-
  14. Fast School Proxy:-
  15. Remove Filters:-
  16. Proxy one:-
  17. Hide the Internet:-
  18. Proxay:-
  19. Surf Proxy:-
  20. See Proxy:-
  21. Sporium:-
  22. Proxy browse:-
  23. CA proxies:-
  24. FB Proxies:-
  25. Korea Proxy:-
  26. ECXS:-
  27. ZaceBook:-
  28. Xite now:-
  29. Proxt this:-
  30. Pro Intern:-
  31. Me Hide:-
  32. PHP Proxy:-
  33. 4Ever Proxy:-
  34. Network Bypass:-
  35. Intern Cloud:-
  36. Travel VPN:-
  37. Fast Time:-
  38. Hide IP Proxy:-


Finally I hope these are enough Proxy sites which could be useful for you and I hope you would have safe and fast browsing. Moreover it should be use only for ethical Purposes.

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