Top 10 Free Best Android Hacking Apps | Tricks | Tools 2017


Today everyone is quite familiar with Android and most of us know that Android is Linux Based Operating System . So there could be many Android Hacking Apps and Tricks for hacking  in Android . Android is  superb Operating system upon which you can perform different tricks. Every user has the facility of root the phone to get a complete authorized access. Well Guys, we are going to share some free and best ethical hacking apps available for your android phones.

best Android Hacking Apps

Best Android Hacking Apps in 2017

1).Droid sniff:-

It is used for security analysis in wireless networks . Droid sniff is a hacking  app but only used for ethical purposes and it was developed basically  for testing the security of the accounts.

best Android Hacking Apps
Droid sniff-techcooper


It is a Penetration suite and used to perform network security assessments on a mobile device . Major feature is Wi-fi Cracking,Login cracker , Session hijacker and kill connections.

best Android Hacking Apps


Faceniff is just like fire sheep for android , it is possible to hijack sessions, very easy to use and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi .

best Android Hacking Apps



It is an android app that gives SQL injection attack on a particular URL.It performs the functions automatically and you don`t want any knowledge of coding.

best Android Hacking Apps

5).Evil Operator:-

This app enables us to make phone calls to two friends and these friends thinks that they are receiving  call from each other but in reality the app users makes the friend to believe that they got a phone call from either of them and you can listen to recording and share with another.

best Android Hacking Apps


This app is basically meant for ethical hackers and security experts.With this you can track the activities of other devices.

best Android Hacking Apps

7).USB cleaver:-

It can steal information from targeted PC.You can basically recover information from Windows machine by using USB cleaver.

best Android Hacking Apps
USB Cleaver


It is very useful app crack password of WiFi which is nearby you . This application is designed for ethical purposes but we can used for test the security of your WiFi network.

best Android Hacking Apps

9).Wifi kill:-

It is very useful for WiFi users because by using this application we can cut off other person from a common WiFi networks and it is used when we want to increase the speed of a network but there is so much load on network due to more users.

best Android Hacking Apps
WiFi Kill

10).whatsapp sniffer:-

We think chats in whats app are private but it is not so because of existence of this application,this app can steal private chats ,audios ,videos ,etc.

best Android Hacking Apps

I hope that this information gives lot of information about the best android Hacking  Apps and tools of 2017. We can use that apps only for Ethical purposes.

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