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we came again with our new trick that is how to fix any DLL Error in windows. With the help of this post you will easily fix all DLL error in just once . before going to solve the problem we have to know about the DLL, it stands for Dynamic Link Library. it is used to run multiple programs to run at the same time. without having the DLL files we are not able to run many programs at the same time. But now days there are many DLL errors that can occur, if the problem is occur there solution is also there . In this post we tells you How to fix all DLL Error in windows .

Fix All DLL Error
Fix All DLL Error-techcooper

First of all you will have to note down the DLL error that is occurring in windows. because there is number of category or number of types of Dll error are available . Then read the following steps to solve that error. Through this post you will download all types of .dll missing file from your computer and then easily fix any DLL Error in windows.

Steps For Fix All DLL Error in Windows

  1. Go to the official dll website click here.

2. Now enter the file name that is missing while installing program.

3. Press enter and search it , after that it will give you a zip file , Download it.

4. Now extract the zip file and you will get missing file with .dll. 

5. Paste that file in your computer in the folder ” C:\Windows\System32

6. Now restart your computer .

7. Install the program again , it will not give the .dll file is missing error.

I hope this information is sufficient to solve the .dll error . With the help of this Trick you can easily fix all dll missing files in your windows and then run your favorite games and programs that contain .dll errors.

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