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In these days ,every one have iPhone that is very good thing because iPhone is the one of the best phone in the world . It is use world wide by the billions of peoples and they are very satisfied with there benefits also. iPhone is the one of the safe phone made up by advance technology. iPhone support so many features like HD gaming , live photos , 3 d touch , many sensors etc so that it also consume phone battery percentage and that’s why we need to charge our iPhone many times some time low battery is became big issue for us . today we tell you How to charge iPhone faster when its battery is low. we give you a very use full tips for charge your iPhone.

charge iPhone faster
charge iPhone faster

1.Put your iPhone in Airplane mode while charging.

when we charge our mobile phone always try to keep your iPhone in airplane  mode. It is so helpful to charge your iPhone Quickly furthermore it also disable your mobile networks so that your are can’t able to attend any phone call that is restfuller .

charge iPhone faster
Airplane mode

But we can only use this technique only when we know no urgent phone call has to be come.

2.Use low power mode

we can use low power mode in our iPhone so save the battery , we can only enables it when our iPhone battery is less then 75%. while charging we can enable it so as the result the our device will charge faster as compare to another mode.

charge iPhone faster
Low power mode

3.Charge with laptop

try to charge your iPhone with your laptops because all new generation laptops and pc’s contain the USB 3.0 port , that is so much faster then previous one 2.0. so as the result USB 3.0 port is more power full and it charge our iPhone more faster then using normal charging process.

4.Use iPad charger

If we contain iPad then the iPad user now that its charger is made up of 2.1A which is equal to 12W but our iPhone charger is made up of 1A which is equal to 5W. so this show if we use iPad charger our iPhone will be charger more faster then the natural speed.

5.Power off your phone

Try to keep Your iPhone power off / switch off , when we are doing that all the application , back end process all are turn off and then the only battery process will occur so that way our iPhone will charge 10% faster .

6.Charge when your iPhone is not so hot

Always keep on mind when you turn on the charging your iPhone is not in hot condition. many times when we play high definition games on iPhone our mobile temperature became hot which is not pretty good.

So never put iPhone on charging when it is hot , because if it is hot it tooks extra time to charge the iPhone.

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