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Like every system,Android Devices has also hidden processes running in the background.And it is also not possible for user to access them.Many processes are not working and they are just junk,unwanted,Malicious Files.These cleaning apps kills hidden,idle,Junk Files, and garbage files for fast processing and efficient working.These Apps helps to keep devices stress free and will not hang in future.Android cleaners kills all unwanted and unnecessary Thread running in the background.These are the maintainence tools that helps for efficient working of a device and boosts up your Device.In this article, We will share some Best  Android cleaners for Your solution to every problem.

Cleaning Apps-Techcooper

Best Free 8 Android Cleaning softwares of 2017:-

1).Clean Master:-Above all no. 1 Android  Free Optimizing Tool.     Developer:Cheetah Mobile

Cleaning apps-Techcooper
Clean Master


  • Junk Files.
  • In fact Cache Files.
  • Increase Phone performance.
  • Even more clears Viruses.

Also Helps in Battery Saver And gives Phone Boost and free to download.

2).App Cache Cleaner:-                                                        

App Cache Cleaner
  • Above all Easy Phone Cleaner.
  • In addition Accelerate Phone speed.
  • Moreover Cleans Junk and Trash.
  • Power Cleaner.
  • Above all Free  to Download.

3).Wondershare MobileGo:-                                                       Developer:Home page

Wondershare MobileGo
  • Sync and restore ,Backup Files.
  •  Even more Cleans Junk and performs Health Checkups.
  • Moreover,Free Download.
4).DU Speed User Cleaning Apps:-                                                Developer:DU Group
DU Speed User Cleaning
  • Cleans up space.
  • Software For Increasing speed.
  • More Importantly Privacy.
  • In addition Internet speed Test.
  • Moreover,Free to Download.

5).1 Tap Cleaner:-                                                            

1 Tap Cleaner
  • Cache cleaner,text Cleaner,call/text Cleaner,History Cleaner.
  • However Free and easy to use.
  • Eventually Best android cleaners.

6).Greenify:-                                                                    Developer:XDA

  • Requires Root.
  • Further Kills Idle Apps.
  • Moreover Stops Background processes.

7).The cleaner Speed up & clean:-                                  Developer:Liquidum Limited

The cleaner Speed up & clean
  • Cleans Malicious Apps.
  • Free And has over million of downloads.
  • However ,Speed up System.

8).CCleaner:-                                                             Developer:Piriform

  • Cleans Tempoarary Files and Download Folders.
  • However Clears Call And Sms Log.
  • In Addition Free download and can be used on any platform.


Consequently This type of cleaning Twice in a year is good thing that could Boost Perormance and reclaim lot of memory space.

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